New Zealand Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy (Level 6)

Delivery mode type:  Face-to-Face & Distance & Blended

The aim of the  New Zealand Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy is to produce natural health graduates that are equipped with the underpinning specialised practice-based knowledge of aromatic medicine and relaxation massage for natural product manufacturing, prescribing and treatment planning for the benefit of client care and safety.  Graduates will be capable of integrating practice and theory drawing on multiple styles and applications of Aromatherapy, working within the industry code of practice and capable of working independently.  

Content:  Historical development of aromatherapy and relaxation massage, Aromatic medicine theory and practice, Pure Essential and Carrier Oils, The Art of Blending, Product Manufacturing, chemistry relevant to clinical aromatherapy and aromatic medicine, Organic compounds used externally and internally, Pathology for clinical aromatherapy massage therapy practice, Methods of Production and Safety for clinical aromatherapy massage therapy practice.  Client Charts and management, Aromatherapy Clinical Massage Practice Management, Industry standards and relevant New Zealand legislation.

Outcome:  To provide the health sector and complementary medicine industry with people who can provide specialized technical and clinical knowledge of aromatic medicine including research of product manufacturing and formulations of organic compounds to be used externally and internally for the benefit of client care working within the professional health and safety scope of practice.

Delivery method:  It is 1800 hours of face to face, distance and blended study (1.5 years)

Face-to-face methods are likely to include, but are not limited to:  Lectures, Lectorials with exercises and activities, Individual and group tasks for critical and reflective thinking, Individual and group practical activities, Class discussions, including on line chat, Independent self-study.

Blended mode of delivery supported with an on-line learning portal and block on campus courses.  Methods of delivery are likely to include, but are not limited to:  Workbooks, Pod casts, Web based links to resources, On-line learning support portal:-Webinars/PowerPoints, Group/class discussions, Tutorials, Exercises as on-line group or paired activities, Individual and group tasks for critical and reflective thinking, Independent self-study.

Programme length:  Total length:  64 including holiday weeks;  Teaching weeks:  54 excluding holiday weeks;  Self directed learning hours: 13.50 average per week;  Total Learning Hours:  1800.


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4th April 2018

21st June 2019

Wed, Thurs, Fri

9am - 4pm

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