The New Zealand Certificate in Aroma Science (Level 5)

The New Zealand Certificate in Aroma Science qualification is a distance learning programme that can be studied anywhere in New Zealand or the World. The programme is divided into four courses. This includes topics on pure essential and plant based carrier oils, the art of blending, photosynthesis, chemistry, special topics on specific health conditions, research, methods of production and safety, client charts and building a professional practice. The aim of this programme is to product graduates that are quipped with the underpinning specialized knowledge of essential oils, methodology and application methods to feel confident in natural product manufacturing and prescribing for the benefit of client care and safety to be an autonomous practicing Aroma Science therapist.

Graduates of the New Zealand Certificate in Aroma Science will be able to provide the health sector and complementary medicine industry with people who can provide specialized knowledge in essential oil science and prescribed application methodologies in client care and product manufacturing, working within the professional health and safety scope of practice.

Learn about organic plant chemistry by formulating blends & synergies, creating facial & body products, working with specific issues & creating products to work with your clients. Specialise in a subject that can enhance your practice to become knowledgable in Aromatic Medicine. The area of Aromatic Medicine is constantly evolving and as an industry there is considerable product development and research occurring which we are proud to be part of by supplying medicinal grade aromatherapy products with our courses.

The Aroma Science course consists of:

  • Pure Essential Oils.
  • Carrier Base Oils.
  • Methods of Production, Extraction and Safety.
  • Chemistry of Essential Oils and how this relates to their use and properties.
  • Therapeutic Cross Referencing & Dilutions.
  • The Olfaction process and how oils are absorbed into the body.
  • The History of Aromatic Medicine.
  • The Art of Blending, Recipes & Application methods.
  • How to make Aromatherapy cosmetics / lip balm / face creams etc.
  • Methods of Use - finding the most effective aromatherapy treatment.
  • Aromatic Medicine for many specialist subjects including pregnancy, breast cancer, wound care and the elderly.
  • Pathology & Essential Oil application methods for health care.
  • Research component - conducting research for a journal article.
  • An Introduction to Aromatherapy workshop is provided during your study.
  • Course start dates are the first Monday in every month.
  • Student loans are available to NZ & Australian Students (conditions apply).

Downloadable Information

If you are interested in the Aroma Science course, please contact for NEW information pertaining to the changes that this course is currently undergoing with NZQA and Studylink
AromaScience Enrolment Brochure