Prospective Students

Open doors to a brilliant career…

The Complementary Medicine Industry is a growth Industry, and Shelley Monrad, Principal has been part of this process for NZQA, representing the Aromatherapy and Reflexology sector for the last 4 years. This required a lot of evidence and support from various sectors, including the Australians, to make sure Qualifications were robust, relevant and Industry related. Without this evidence, NZQA simply would not recognise these programmes and provide them for students to access student loans and allowances. On top of this, our Qualifications are both Nationally and Internationally recognised programmes, allowing students to graduate with quality qualifications that will enable them to practice as professionals in their chosen career, and or staircase into other Health/Complementary related courses and travel the world, thus building upon and or practicing in their chosen country of residence. Our ITECqualifications, NZQA standard and IFPA credentials are well recognised in healthand beauty, spas and sports clinics in over 35 countries worldwide.


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We value journey of a student….

If you are leaving high school, following a passion, looking to up skill or needing foundation studies in health sciences, we help achieve education and vocational goals. Our graduates pursue careers in Nursing, Midwifery, Research, Self Employed practitioners, Retail, Product Development, Massage therapists, Reflexologists and Aromatologists. Our comprehensive Aroma Science course gives students entry into other Complementary Medicine courses both Nationally and Internationally. Read about one of our graduates here

Distance Learning:

Aromaflex Academy takes pride in the quality of material for students globally. The course work is approached unit by unit,case by case, level by level so you truly engage with the content. There are industry time frames to achieve and we support you in meeting and exceeding expectations.

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