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Our Campus and Facilities

Training at Academy isn’t just about gaining a sought after qualification; Aromaflex Academy is committed to offering support necessary to each and every student, meeting their educational interests, safety and well-being.

The Aromatherapy & Reflexology Academy (Aromaflex Academy) is located in the small sunny city of Nelson. Nelson is one of the most sought-after lifestyle locations in New Zealand. Nelson is a small and friendly city, located on the North of South Island in New Zealand. It is one of New Zealand’s most popular tourist destinations.

Nelson consistently rates as New Zealand’s sunniest region with an average of 2420 sunshine hours, which compliments the outdoor lifestyle and cafe culture that Nelson is famous for. Nelson is tucked in between the mountains and the sea, which provides a huge and varied playground to explore. There are endless things to do: local markets, national parks, sailing, swimming, wine tasting, walking, skiing, golf, kayaking, etc. .. Our students find studying here easy. We help keep the life of a student simple, practical and affordable and offer support while studying.

Aromaflex Academy has moved into new premises, just 10 minutes drive from Nelson into Wakapuaka Estate, Aromatic Medicine Institute of NZ. There are 3 class room facilities.  All rooms can be used during full time study, and all rooms cater for the specialized needs students require for learning each subject that Aromaflex Academy specialises in. There are lounge/kitchen areas. The library has a huge selection of books, magazines and journals for research. Internet access is available at the Academy. Class size is limited to 12 per class.

Accommodation is limited to 12 students and there are full wash-house facilities, a swimming pool and many relaxing environments for study and reflection.  There are gardens to walk through, and if you like walking, there are many areas to discover, including Boulder Bank where you can swim in the sea and/or relax looking out into the ocean.

We plan to incorporate a science laboratory/research area, and a distillation unit in the near future, enabling students to fully grasp the entire concept of seed, plant, cultivation, distillation, production, application and administration so that the life cycle of a plant is fully understood and appreciated so that correct use and respect of aromatic medicine is fully comprehended and managed.

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