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Our Campus and Facilities

The Aromatherapy & Reflexology Academy is housed in one of Nelson’s oldest Historical buildings in Nelson.  You can find us in the upper part of the main street, near the Cathedral end of town.

Looking out from the street, we occupy the first floor of Development House (originally built in 1863).  There are 2 class room facilities.  Both rooms are used during full time study, and both cater for the specialized needs students require for learning.

The main tutorial room is spacious and modern, with beautiful wooden floors, and window frames, and comfortable table and chairs for students to sit and study.  There is an interactive modern Smartboard with surround sound and sophisticated teaching equipment that is up to date and in line with the current training programmes for this Century.  The old overhead projector screen is still available, along with great computer programmes and posters for student aid.

The smaller classroom is used for client demonstrations and also also as a student client room for their case studies, when students are not in class.  Again modern equipment for the student comfort and client professionalism is maintained.

We are in the process of re-locating to our new premises at Wakapuaka Estate for teaching in 2019.

There is a designated kitchen, with all the modern facilities, dishwasher, and a comfortable corner couch.  For lunches there is a high and low tables and chairs with an outside seating area when the weather is hot and sunny.

The library has a huge selection of books, magazines and journals that date back over 2 decades and equipment and tools for the trade.

Internet access is available at the school, we have access to research materials with up to date information and contact.

Class size is limited to 12 per class.

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