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Certificate in Aroma Science

The aim of this qualification is to produce graduates that are equipped with specialised knowledge and methodology use of essential oil science, organic chemistry, formulations and application methods to feel confident in prescribing aromatic medicine compounds and in the natural product manufacturing for the benefit of client care and safety to be an autonomous practicing Aroma Science Therapist/Aromatologist.

Our objective is to provide students with an advanced and modern way of learning about Aromatic Medicine and its use within your own professional practice/and or home.  To explore and develop an understanding of the science and chemistry around the production and composition of organic essential oils and related organic compounds such as hydrosols and carrier oils, in order to safely practise and prescribe.  To explore and develop methods of making natural products, using other organic plant materials and related products.

The Certificate in Aroma Science has been specially developed for people who know nothing about essential oils or (traditionally known as Aromatherapy).   The Certificate in Aroma Science was also developed so that other graduates of other modalities, such as Massage Therapists, Reflexologists, Homeopaths, Midwives etc wanted to add an Aromatherapy qualification to their practice but not needing to learn about Massage or Anatomy & Physiology.  The AromaTherapy terminology was only used when massage was incorporated with the essential oil knowledge; (Aroma meaning smell, Therapy meaning treatment).  Aroma Science is (Aroma meaning smell, Science meaning a particular area of scientific study such as biology & chemistry).  This qualification can be an addition to your other qualifications in the Complementary Medicine Suite, adding new knowledge of Aromatic Medicine to your practice.  The programme is divided into four courses Aroma Science 1, 2, 3, & 4 and there is an option to study with or without essential oil kits.

As time and money becomes more precious, this qualification has been structured to suit the modern learner.  It can be totally done on line.  You do not need to come to Nelson or to any classes to learn.  You may already have your own oils to use, in which case you can choose to study with the theory only course material, or you may wish to study theory and with the special packs of oils and products that are included with each course.  (Further information found in the enrolment material).

Graduates of the Certificate in Aroma Science have the option to stair-case into the ITEC Diploma of Aromatherapy.  You will need to complete both the ITEC Holistic Massage and ITEC Anatomy & Physiology course to comply.  Further details can be given upon request.

This comprehensive learning program is one of the most sought after in the world, having both National and International accreditations.  With over 29 years of knowledge and experience, Shelley Monrad still enjoys teaching her students real life practical application skills, so that they too can have a successful clinic and prosperous clientele base.  Shelley has also been involved in the standard setting of Aromatherapy qualifications for NZ including the Education advisor for The NZ Register of Professional Aromatherapists and on the Governance group for the Complementary Medicine TRoQ for NZQA.

Accommodation is available for students to stay if you are travelling to Nelson. Find out more about our accommodation and new teaching premises here.

To become curious about the study of Aroma Science, we suggest you enrol on our Introduction to Aromatherapy course 

Delivery and Assessment:

Delivery is done via distance/correspondence over 800 hours for one or two years.  You can study the Certificate in Aroma Science from home or anywhere in the world.  We have developed a new learning platform for on-line learners in order to provide interactive tutorial aids that will enhance and support learning, including videos, interactive workbooks etc.  This will be constantly updated and worked on as it was only released to us late 2018 and we are excited to bring a very modern on-line learning platform and how to access portals of knowledge through this new digital age, especially in the Complementary Medicine sector.  In March 2019, there will be allocated days, every 6 weeks, available in the new academy for students wishing to come into the class environment to be further supported and to enhance learning styles.  This is not compulsory but gives the students further student support options.

Assessment methods include workbooks, client consultation charts and an open-book examination.  Further details found in the enrolment brochure, with the choice to study with medicinal grade aromatherapy products or your own.

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