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ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage

This Holistic Massage course provides students with a thorough understanding of massage techniques required to move forward into Aromatherapy and other therapeutic/Sports massage training. It is a great foundation course for complementary therapy studies.

The ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage programme combines blended learning consisting of in-class training and correspondence/distance learning.  For 10 years, this course has been traditionally taught this way.  This structure gives the students the best of both worlds of study, especially when time is of the essence.  Students must travel to Nelson in order to learn the hands-on methodology effectively and safely, so that they can complete the client consultation clinical practice with confidence and professionalism when they are back home.  The block courses must be done in order and the student must attend at least one each of the following: Holistic Massage 1 Block Course: (2 intakes for 2019),  Holistic Massage 2 Block Course: (2 intakes for 2019).  Please see the dates below, that are confirmed and will not be changed.  Anatomy and physiology needs to be studied alongside so that the student has complete knowledge of the structure and functions of each area on which they are working.  You will need to enrol on the Anatomy & Physiology course separately if you cannot produce APL.

IFPA & ITEC qualifications are the best way to start your career in the natural health, complementary and sports industries. Recognised in over 35 countries worldwide; an ITEC qualification will help you wherever you choose to work.

This qualification can be used alongside with the Aroma Science course, to staircase into the ITEC Diploma in Aromatherapy

Accommodation is available for students to stay if you are travelling to Nelson. Find out more about our accommodation and new teaching premises here.

Holistic Massage 1

Term 1 : Semester 1: 1st to 5th April 2019
Term 3 : Semester 2: 26th to 30th August 2019
Days of Week: Monday to Friday
Where: Wakapuaka Estate, Nelson
Time: 9am-5pm

Holistic Massage 2

Term 1 : Semester 1: 8th to 12th April 2019
Term 3 : Semester 2: 2nd to 6th September 2019
Days of the Week: Monday to Friday
Where: Wakapuaka Estate, Nelson
Time: 9am-5pm

Holistic Massage 1 & 2

Start Date: 2nd September 2018
End Date: 9th November 2018
Days of Week: Monday to Friday
Where: Nelson
Time: 9am-4pm

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