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ITEC Diploma in Reflexology

The main aim of the ITEC Diploma in Reflexology is to enable Learners to gain the necessary practical and theoretical skills in order to provide Reflexology treatments to the general public and to gain employment in the Reflexology Industry.

The ITEC Diploma in Reflexology is comprised of 4 mandatory units; Unit 381: Provide Reflexology for Complementary Therapies, Unit 383: Knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Complementary Therapies, Unit 384: Principles and Practice of Complementary Therapies and Unit 385: Business Practice for Complementary Therapies.   Students must provide case study and treatment evidence of at least 100 hours.  Assessments are done by Assignments, Workbooks, practical examination and paper or online.  Once the above ITEC units have been completed, these can be cross-credited to other ITEC qualifications, i.e. ITEC Diploma in Aromatherapy.

The Principal shares a wealth of experience plus up-to-date international and national knowledge through her connections and research in her 30 years of subject matter expertise of  Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Aromatic Medicine.

To complete this Qualification in the ITEC Diploma of Reflexology, students must attend 3 of the week block courses.  These are done in stages.  Reflex 1 – which is all about the Feet, Reflex 2 – which is all about the Hands, and Reflex 3 – which is all about the Ears.  During Reflex 3 Integrated Reflexology is shown, combining the feet, hands and ears together.  The Reflex block courses must be completed preferably in order, but in some instances can be changed, i.e. if you started another course somewhere else but did not finish, or you wanted to add onto your IFPA Qualification.

Accommodation is available for students whilst studying at the Aromatic Medicine Training Retreat at Wakapuaka Estate. Find out more about our accommodation and new teaching premises here.

If you are unsure of what Reflexology is, become curious enough to enrol on our  Introduction to Reflexology course

Reflex 1 - The Feet - Block Course:

Reflexology 1 – The Feet

Term 3 : 29th July to 2nd Aug 2019
Term 1 : 24th February to 28th February 2020
Term 3 : 27th July to 31st July 2020
Days of Week: Monday to Friday
Where: Wakapuaka Estate, Nelson.
Time: 9am-5pm

Reflex 2 - The Hands - Block Course:

Reflexology 2 – The Hands

Term 2 : 17th to 21st June 2019
Term 4 :  4th to 8th November 2019
Term 1 : 2nd March to 6th March 2020
Days of Week: Monday to Friday
Where: Wakapuaka Estate, Nelson.
Time: 9am-5pm

Reflex 3 - The Ears - Block Course:

Integrated Reflexology 3 – Ears –

Term 3 : 16th to 20th September 2019
Term 1 : 9th March to 13th March 2020
Days of Week: Monday to Friday
Where: Wakapuaka Estate, Nelson
Time: 9am-5pm

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