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Withdrawals, Refunds and Appeals Policy

Before you withdraw from a programme of study, it is vitally important that you contact Aromaflex Academy to talk about the challenges you are facing and discuss study options. Students who withdraw from their programme of study will not be accepted back into the course at a later date unless there have been extenuating circumstance which have now passed e.g. family bereavement, personal illness etc.

Where a student wishes to re-enrol following withdrawal, self-withdrawal or non-completion, the student is required to submit a formal letter in writing to the Principal explaining why the previous programme of study was not completed and what circumstances have changed to enable successful completion of studies, along with a detailed schedule of study.

Students may be declined permission to enrol in to further qualifications or subsequent years of study with Aromaflex Academy, based on the following grounds:

  • Failure to complete the programme of study within the set time frames
  • Academic requirements of the previous programme of study are incomplete
  • Serious misconduct, including breach of Aromaflex Academy Code of Conduct.

Exceptions may be made for extenuating circumstances that have been communicated to Aromaflex Academy (bereavement, serious illness etc.).

Where a student is withdrawn or self-withdraws part way through a programme of study, any application to return to study with Aromaflex Academy must be within five years or the applicant will be required to repeat the programme. Where the student applies to re-enrol more than 12 months after the time of withdrawal, the student may be required to undertaken additional learning where changes have been made to the curriculum. Each situation will be looked at on an individual basis.

Student Initiated Withdrawal Procedure

  1. Students wishing to withdraw from their current programme of study must contact Aromaflex Academy in writing (either by letter or email) expressing their intention to withdraw from their programme of study. They will also be required to complete a Request to Withdraw Form.
  2. If a student withdraws from their programme of study within the first 8 days from commencement of that programme of study a full refund will be made less $500.00 or 10%, whichever is the lesser amount, provided that all course material is returned in perfect condition within this time frame.
  3. The administration staff of Aromaflex Academy shall date stamp any correspondence relating to a withdraw request and examine the course material returned.

Academy Initiated Withdrawal

Aromaflex Academy may withdraw, according to Ministry of Education guidelines, any student who has become ‘inactive’ in their studies and has failed to submit the required assessments or to attend the necessary practical components to complete their programme (i.e. they have effectively ‘dropped out’). This will mean that any student who has not submitted their assessments in the required time frame, or have not written to Aromaflex Academy to apply for an extension with a reason that has been approved by Aromaflex Academy, shall be deemed to have ‘dropped out’ or failed to meet the requirements of the programme of study. Students who have been withdrawn from their programme of study due to an inability to meet the requirements of their programme shall not be eligible for refunds.

Students may be allowed to repeat their programme of study subject to written approval from the Principal of Aromaflex Academy.

Academy Initiated Withdrawal Procedure

  1. Aromaflex Academy will notify in writing all students (except for those who have been permitted extensions) who have failed to submit the required assessments or to attend the necessary practical components to complete their programme of study within the time frame specified in their programme information.
  2. Written notification to students shall outline the fact that they have not completed their programme requirements and if they do not finish the assessments required to complete the program of study within a specified time frame they will be deemed to have ‘dropped out’ of their programme of study and Aromaflex Academy will withdraw them from active enrolment.
  3. Failure to meet the terms of this notification/warning letter shall result in the student being withdrawn from their programme of study. Any attempt to re-enrol in Aromaflex Academy shall be subject to approval by the Principal of Aromaflex Academy, in consideration of Aromaflex Academy, NZQA and/or Ministry of Education policies and requirements at the time. Any re-enrolment of “withdrawals” shall be made on a case by case basis by the Principal.


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